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New Products and Highlights:

- Daytona Anima 4V 150cc engine 1099,- Euro
- Daytona Anima 4V 190cc engine 1199,- Euro
- New 30mm front fork set for Dax 269,- Euro
- Daytona Type Race ignition with light coil only 89,- Euro
- 31mm Front fork with 220mm brake disk for Monkey 289,- Euro
- Framset Skyteam Dax with 5L fuel tank color balck-grey metallic available now! for 249,- Euro






New Power package with 137cc based on 120cc Lifan/Zongshen and Takegawa Superhead +R with 17,2 PS at rear wheel!

This power was measured at rear wheel, with a Mikuni VM26 and a modified serial exhaust of a Dax replica, looking like original.

Power Diagram 

Biggest Engine of the world fitting to a Monkey/Dax/ZB50 !!!

Bonsai-News report 2/2007: New MSR Monster Engine 220cc +R (click me!)

Please take notice of our possible tuning steps we can offer for other standard engines !

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